The Air Display 2014

This year’s Charity Air Day promises to be the best yet!
We have an exciting and varied flying display which opens with Mark Grimshaw flying an L29 Delphin jet trainer and then includes the following:

International aerobatic pilot Mark Jefferies in his Extra 330SC
Breitling Wing-Walkers
Maurice Hammond’s Mustangs
B25 Mitchell
Wildcats formation aerobatics (2 Pitts plus an Extra)
The Rolls-Royce Spitfire
BBMF Dakota
Lauren Richardson Pitts Special
T-6 Texan (Harvard)





Seething Airfield Charity Airday

Sunday 7th September 2014
Gates Open 10am


Seething Airfield

Seething Airfield is a privately owned airfield in Norfolk situated south east of Norwich and just a few miles from the east coast.

Now home to a thriving flying club, the airfield was constructed as a base for Liberator bombers for the USAF 448th Bomb Group. You can still catch tantalising glimpses of those days on the airfield today.


CONTROL TOWER MUSEUM: The former RAF Seething's rich history is captured in the iconic control tower of the airbase which is now home to a fine museum charting the life and work of those who worked there during the War years. The Control Tower is open the first Sunday of each month from May to October inclusive.

Title Photo: Adam Duffield